The Course

“This is such an exciting project because we are not just looking at open governance as a theory but as a series of actual action steps our students can take.” – Dr. Matt Hale, Seton Hall University MPA Program Chair

“Strategic Management for Open Governance,” which began as a experimental course at Seton Hall University in 2014 between Dr. Matt Hale and Alex Torpey, is aimed at providing a more critical, thorough space for students to engage with deeper concepts related to government, ethics and public administration management.

Through a series of experiential learning exercises and deeper dive classroom discussions, students can leave the course with not just a better understanding and ability to identify core concepts related to good governance, but with a series of practical tools and skills to be able to bring those ideas and concepts into their own work.

Check back soon for the 2016 updated syllabus, and in the meantime, check out some lessons from 2015’s class and more from Seton Hall’s student newspaper, the Setonian.

You can check out a short video highlighting some upcoming topics, which Matt and Alex both admit is terrible, but worth watching: