The Art of Governance is a blog and long-term collaborative research project documenting, discussing and analyzing best practices around creating more sustainable, equitable and effective governance structures.

Covering topics such as political ethics, community engagement and empowerment, funding dynamics, public/private partnerships, accountability in innovation, civic giving and philanthropy, technology, leadership sustainability, strategic management, transparency and more, The Art of Governance reconciles cross-sector perspectives to truly improve how we think about and implement governance models.

Pulling from all levels of government in the United States from a diverse set of localities and jurisdictions; governments, NGOs and companies operating in other regions and countries around the world; research and higher education institutions; foundations; philanthropies, companies; political campaigns; media organizations; and so much more, The Art of Governance’s offers a unique perspective, made possibly by a truly interdisciplinary and cross-sector knowledge sharing foundation (also a core concept to improving governance models).

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vossmayors43rfw1_1160 (1)About Alex

Alex Torpey is an entrepreneur, civic technologist, professor, speaker, researcher and public servant. The former mayor of South Orange, New Jersey (2011-2015), Alex has become a voice and determined advocate for millennial leadership, government innovation, civic technology and good governance. Read more at Seton Hall University, Wikipedia, or Alex’s website. Find Alex on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.